Shopify – How to spy on your competitors and see their best selling products

There are more and more shops on the market driven by popular ecommerce platform called Shopify. The main reason of such popularity is the fact that it is really easy to build a shop just by clicking around. I’m not a big fan of this platform. 80% of the shops look exactly the same as most of the owners use just basic free theme for their business. The shops also are not easy customisable and not SEO friendly in my opinion. Another downside of using it is the fact that it will become soon or later really costly because of monthly fees and costy plugins.

There is one thing though which I love – it is really easy to spy the competitors of any niche. Here are some tricks I figured out :

Finding shops of your competitors

go to Google and in the search bar type : keyword1 keyword2 … etc

for example cat accessories

Google will show all shopify driven sites on the internet which contain those keywords in the titles ( in our silly example shopify shops which sell accessories for cats )


Finding best selling products of your competitors

add to your competitor url address (lets say at the end the phrase : /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling  so in our case the whole url should look like :

Searching Shopify shops of your competitors use certain shopify extensions

go to and then search for a plugin you want to use as well and see how competitors doing with it.

Then scroll down to the reviews section.

Then all you need to do to see the competitor shop driven by that plugin is just click on the reviewer’s user name ! You will be redirected straight to their shop !!!


There are other tricks as well. I will be updating the list so stay tuned!