As a professional SEO specialist Manchester based I have a great understanding of any aspect of SEO. I know that having a great looking site is not enough these days. The equal important is to have a website which is easy to be found by customers through popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. I create all projects following the best SEO practices. I can help my customers to rank in top results of Google by targeting certain phrases instead of shooting blind fooled. I use a premium software to analyse possible phrases easy to to be ranked for combining with my experience to be as cost effective as possible.

Freelance SEO expert – I provide cost effective services for small and medium UK companies

I can help you to improve rankings of your site on many levels

Please see the list of the main fields. We can come up with a personalised plan of actions

suit your business, expectations and budget

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Well optimised website is the key factor of ranking high in Google organically. The whole site needs to use the right HTML tags, run fast, etc

Content Marketing

The right content on the page with carefully selected keywords is extremely important to gain traffic. I work with top freelance copywriters to provide the best articles contain strategic keywords.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is more and more important when it comes to promote your business. I can help you manage your Facebook page, run Facebook ads, take care of Twitter, LinkedIn, etc

Targeted Email Marketing

I can help you with running cost effective highly targeted email marketing campaign. I use the best available tools for it like well known MailChimp platform.

(PPC) Pay-per-Click Management

I specialise in “pay-per-click (PPC)” optimisation so I can help you achieve instant result via Adwords, Bing or Yahoo PPC. I will help you optimise your PPC campaigns and make sure you get the maximum level of Return of Investment (ROI).

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the best and cost effective platform to get instant results in form of new orders, enquiries and brand awareness. Some of the businesses are just perfect to be advertise in there

Flexible Model of my SEO consultancy Services

We can come up with the best model to suit your budget and needs. I can work on hourly basis, monthly basis or per job.