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Freelance Pay Per Click | PPC Specialist Manchester. My PPC campaign management services drive quality traffic to your website at the lowest cost possible as soon as possible!

website at the lowest cost possible

Since there is so much competition in nearly every industry these days, many businesses have resorted to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Whenever you type something in Google or even YouTube, you see paid advertising so know how useful the process can be if done correctly. However, many companies have the same question – ‘how do we use it effectively to achieve results?’. In truth, it isn’t always easy but we have developed some fantastic techniques over the years and we have the knowledge you require for success.

In our business, we have many experts on the topic of pay-per-click so we will help with everything from setting it up to creating a winning landing page. Also, we realise that every business is different which is why we personalise our service depending on your needs. For us, the goal is exactly the same as yours in that we want to see a return on your investment. After sitting down and creating the strategy, we work hard to employ all the individual parts successfully so you see an increase in the amount of phone calls and emails you receive!

What it PPC actually is ?

Pay Per Lead marketing refers to the act of spending money on paid advertising to show at the very top in search results. When you work with me, I will help you with setting up the necessary accounts whether it is Google AdwordsFacebook Ads or any others. Then, we assess the exact keywords to target – the goal is to find words that aren’t too competitive but still see enough traffic to make an impact.  

My Expertise includes

  • Facebook Ads – Since Facebook is such a large platform, paid advertisements here are just as important as anywhere else on the internet.
  • Google Adwords – This is likely to be the first thing you think of when Pay-per-click is mentioned; we can position your ads correctly so they get exposure to the right people. Over time, we can hone in on the most important keywords and then use them on every platform.
  • Campaign Audits – Finally, how do we know what to do if we don’t learn about your business? With our auditing service, this allows you to remain in control whilst still finding those key areas to target in the strategy!



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How could I help you with your Pay Per Lead Campaigns

  • creating new campaigns from scratch
  • improving existins campaigns to improve efficiency
  • improving your landing pages to maximise results and return on investments
  • precise location targeting campaigns
  • remarketing campanigs to target past website visitors

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