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Why choose independent SEO consultant instead of an SEO company

Many business owners wreck their heads in confusion when it comes down to integral processes that may make or break their reputation in the business world. One such process in when they have to decide upon an SEO provider’s option for their website. The hardest question is whether to hire a solo SEO expert or an SEO company to get the job done.

Even Google has positive things to say when asked about the importance of getting the right man for the job because an SEO provider is a big deal in the digital era we are living.

Although there is no hard and fast rule and there are many other variables that play an important role in the decisions making for an SEO provider like:

  • Budget
  • Time Frame
  • Internal Resources
  • Client Demands
  • Size of the Project

But below we outline why you should go for an individual SEO expert to get your job done.

Single Point of Contact

Unlike a company or agency, your SEO consultant would be the sole proprietor for the work of your website and you may not need to run errands for a whole team or be worried to provide answers to so many different people. You can give a proper guide to that one single SEO expert and your job would be done and dusted.

No Hefty Price Tag

You will be paying for just one SEO consultant, his work, and his attention, not for a whole bunch of guys from a team of an agency. An addition bonus is that many SEO consultants work from home and that money may be lowered for you which may have gone off for the company’s name.

Freedom of Execution

Many SEO companies have strict processes and approaches that work for their clients but it is not necessary that they would work positively for you and your website too. Therefore hiring an individual SEO expert would give you more power for execution of work that suits you and your demands the best.


A company will have team members assigned your work whereas an individual will be the best you can get for your job because he will be having high potential specialization in the kind of work that you are demanding. After all, that is why he is working alone and not with a firm in the first place.

Long-term Relationship

You can’t rely on companies to make long term relations with you that the next time you may need them you will get the same set of people as a team to do your work. Hence, it is easier to create a long term relations with just one SEO expert who would do your job day in, day out whenever you may need him in the exact way you want just as before.

So in conclusion, other than these reasons, the facts that an individual SEO consultant would take a unique approach towards every new project and will be holistically aware of all your project aspect to readily give personal attention to every detail, this makes up some added bonuses to hiring a SEO freelancer over a huge agency for your project.