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My Emergency WordPress Help and Support Services Include:


Fixing Hacked Sites And Removing Malware

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet that is why is so often chosen by website hackers as a target. It is really important to act fast when you find out that your site has been hacked because the infection might spread throughout database tables affect your data

Fixing When Plugin / Theme Updates Gone Wrong

WordPress is really user-friendly and has a huge community around the globe. There are many free themes and plugins on the market. Unfortunately, many times when you try to update a plugin or a theme to the latest version some of the elements of your site stopped working or in the worst case scenario the entire project might go down. That usually happens because of modifications of our theme and plugins. With years of WordPress experience, I know how to cure those kinds of problems.

You have no idea what’s happened but the site is down…

There are really many variables in any WordPress project and many things which can go wrong. I have years of experience in developing WordPress driven sites and I have seen literally all possible scenario. That is why I can react instantly with the best possible solution.

Quick Response Time

I know how frustrating and bad for your business can be a project which went down. It is really bad not only for customer experience but most importantly can affect your SEO ranking. That is why we need to act fast.
I will be able to help you within 6 hours from your report. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

When I find that the issue cannot be resolved by me or you notice the result is different than we agreed I will give you back all the money you paid me without any discussion.

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