Dropshipping business model is really popular these days as it not require massive investment upfront to buy and store your inventory. You basically promote and sell someone else’s products.

I have been doing it for years for myself as the side business. Example of my dropshipping projects : www.gobeardy.com, www.topweights.co.uk.

I have a great experience in creating and maintaining ecommerce project as a freelance consultant.

I don’t use popular platform for it which is called Shopify as there is a monthly fee and it is hard to rank organically on google (not SEO friendly)
  • No monthly fees / hidden costs !
  • you will be the only owner of your shop
  • Sell an unlimited number of products
  • You can add your own products, descriptions, prices, etc by yourself
  • Many delivery rules and variation
  • Customer login facility
  • Unlimited product variation (colours, sizes, etc )
  • Sell an unlimited number of products
  • Automatic email order confirmation for you and your customers
  • VAT rules
  • Promotional features (cross sell, up-sell, special prices, etc)
  • Advanced search engine system for your customers
  • … any much more !


Online shops can be really pricey. There is a lot of work involved and it needs to be done by someone with a great knowledge about that type of web development. I have years of experience on that field working for huge companies, medium sized, small ones and for my own customers.

Web Security

Security aspect of the websites is crucial when it comes to online shops. There are many dangerous possibilities: identity theft, phishing, data loss and more. You can risk of losing trust of your clients and get the bad reputation.

SEO – get more customers

Having a great looking online shop is not enough to get the new customers and generate sales. You have to take care about optimising your project to be easy to get indexed by search engines like Google on certain keywords. The first thing is having well optimised code of your site well performed in search engines. That is the pillar of the project. With years of experience I know how to do it properly.

Responsive Online Store

More and more people use their mobile devices to use internet and do their online shopping as well. The trend rapidly increasing. The recent ecommerce statistics show that more than 50% of all online transactions have been made by mobile devices.