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When first starting an online business like an ecommerce project or any other form of generating income on the internet, we all dream of success. In the early days, we put in a solid amount of hours each and every week just to get up and running. Eventually, we start earning money and we begin to see that the decision to start the business was a great one. However, then we face a problem; scaling successfully.

When most people reach this stage of business, they go one of two ways; they either decide against scaling and stick to the size they are now OR they try to progress but fail because of some simple mistakes. Of course, the first option is a disaster because you would be limiting yourself to a small business when there is the potential to excel. Therefore, we suggest always trying to scale up but we have three pieces of advice to prevent it from becoming a failure.

Fulfilment Services

First and foremost, you need to stop fulfilling your own orders because this will not allow you the time you need. Instead, look into a fulfilment service such as Amazon Fulfilment because they will do all the work for you. Rather than running the show from your kitchen table, the fulfilment service will ensure that you have the time to scale correctly.

Not only will you save time, you will also save money on shipping costs. Why? Because you no longer need to pay postage fees or even petrol driving to and from drop-off locations. Essentially, this step takes you from being an employee to a manager.

Marketing Campaign

At this stage, you might be saying ‘well, I am making sales without so why should I need to spend money on this?’. Well, eventually word-of-mouth is going to dry up and this is why you need to be targeting new customers every single day. When driving a car, you don’t accelerate to the speed limit and then expect to reach your destination. Instead, you push the throttle down every now and then to maintain your speed and this is what you need to do in business. On a road, you have speed limits to adhere to but marketing is limitless so keep that accelerator down if you want to see the best results.

To remove a common misconception, we should also say that marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. With social media and various other platforms, you can build your presence for an affordable rate. For example, a simple giveaway or competition will increase interest in your business and all you have to do is give one product away. After the competition ends, a certain amount of people will buy the product anyway.

Customer Service

As you scale up, you are going to have more unhappy customers and this is just the law of averages. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to prevent every single issue but you can learn to handle unhappy customers in the right way. When dealing with angry customers, successful customer service will have them returning despite the problem. If unsuccessful, they will leave your company and take others with them. With this in mind, you need to stay calm and be the solution; once they see you as the solution, they will work with you rather than seeing you as the enemy.

With these three tips, scaling becomes a whole lot easier and you can manage your business effectively. As you continue to accommodate growth, it becomes easier and you might even hire staff to help. Although there is still a long way to go, the initial phase of staying up all night to fulfil orders is now over!