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Email list is the most important tool in internet marketing. For marketers that have an opt in email list, a proper use could be an endless source of high flowing incomes. The question now is; How do you build that email list that can set you on your way to riches?

Below are some of the techniques to effectively build one.


Obviously we are in the information era and people are so thirsty for information.  Because of the busy schedule of so many people, they hardly have time to get information on their own. Have a newsletter published in your department with contents that are beneficial and you will have people rushing to you to sign up.


  people always want information, so try to organise an online course with no charges because by doing this, people would drop their email address willingly.  Design a seven part course that would be sent into the box every few days.  Yes, the online course tactfully sells your products.


  compose articles and send them to different article directories.  Make sure your newsletter sign up link is in the article and if your content is original and beneficial, you will get visitors to sign up for more.


  An online book is a good way to increase your list.  It does not necessarily need to be a legendary piece,  Just make sure the content is valuable enough for people to want to part their email addresses for.  Ensure that it is a kind of information that your visitors would be interested in and make sure you put links to your website and products in the book. You can also add associate links to make more profit.


Another way to boost your email list is to create a free membership website.  Offer free beneficial contents to only members that are signed up.  You can now advertise other products or other membership levels with more benefits in form of resources and products.


  This is a kind of before sales page where you get a visitor’s email address before they can view your sales letter.  This has been said to be very useful and you can customize the sales letter with their names or any other information on the squeeze page.

  1. POP UP

   Distinct and different pop up windows can be used to entice people to register for your newsletter. This can show up when the visitor signs in OR exits the site to remind them to register.


  This is an Avenue where you offer valuable things such as games, videos, books that people would like to share with their friends. Whatever you are offering, it should have your web address so people will come and register for your newsletter and gather more info.


   One very common way of building email list is by giving away online.  People submit free products in exchange for a newsletter sign up.  This is a wonderful way of building your list. However, you should know that freebie lovers may not count for the lists.


  Give your web visitors a kind of discount or bonus if they sign up for your newsletter.  For instance, 20 percent slash off XYZ for readers or few online books that will interest them.

With these 10 techniques, you can improve on your list and take advantage of their earning power.